The Floral Hellscapes project initially began with snapdragons. When snapdragon flowers die, the seedpods that are left behind resemble skulls. For this reason, some ancient cultures believed that these flowers had special powers. Regardless, I find them to be a fascinating natural symbol of the constant cycle of life, beauty, sex and death.

This series has since expanded to include other unusual and symbolic flowers, such as Psychotria elata and white bleeding hearts, which in some cultures represent women who have died before their time. 

The artworks range in size from 16 x 20 in to 24 x 36 in.

This series is currently on display at Denver Art Society, located at 734 Santa Fe Drive in Denver, CO.

Floral Hellscape VI-Acrylic on Canvas

Floral Hellscape V-Acrylic on Canvas

Floral Hellscape IV-Acrylic on Canvas

Floral Hellscape III-Acrylic on Canvas

Floral Hellscape II-Acrylic on Canvas

Floral Hellscape I-Acrylic on Canvas

More to come soon!