Illustrated Map of Denver, CO: Commission for Golden West-Acrylic on Canvas

Rye Grill and Bar: Rye, NY -Acrylic on Canvas

The Couple Selfie-Commission-Acrylic on Canvas

Red Hands: The Original-Acrylic on Canvas-SOLD

Red Hands: Galactic Contemplation-Acrylic on Canvas

Red Hands: Celestial Pleasure Parts-Acrylic on Canvas

Red Hands: Expressionistic-Acrylic on Canvas

Red Hands: Upcycled Despair-Acrylic on Glass-click to expand-SOLD

Red Hands: Buttons-Acrylic on Canvas

Red Hands: Beard-Acrylic on Canvas

Red Hands: Orange Cloak-Acrylic on Canvas-SOLD

Red Hands: Girl with Pocketbook-Acrylic on Canvas

Red Hands: Dramatic Nude-Acrylic on Canvas-SOLD

Red Hands: Velvet Suit-Acrylic on Canvas

Girl on Red Background-Acrylic on Glass-SOLD

Snake with Sunflower-Acrylic on Canvas-SOLD

Jumping Spider on Pink Background-Acrylic on Canvas-SOLD

Jumping Spider on Green Background-Acrylic on Canvas

She Doesn't Like You-Acrylic on Canvas

my eye is up here-Acrylic on Canvas

Girl with Fan-Acrylic on Glass-SOLD

Summer-Acrylic on Canvas

Reclining Nude-Acrylic on Canvas

Skull Heart-Acrylic on Canvas-SOLD

Floral Hellscape VI-Acrylic on Canvas

Floral Hellscape V-Acrylic on Canvas

Floral Hellscape IV-Acrylic on Canvas

Floral Hellscape III-Acrylic on Canvas

Floral Hellscape II-Acrylic on Canvas

Floral Hellscape I-Acrylic on Canvas

Self-Portrait 2016-Acrylic on Glass

Girl on Blue Background-Acrylic on Canvas

Red Hands:Nude-Acrylic on Upcycled Light

Pink Mohawk-Acrylic on Glass-SOLD

Endearing Skull Monster-Acrylic on Canvas-SOLD

Satellite Planet-Acrylic on Canvas-SOLD

The Caretakers-Acrylic on Canvas-SOLD

Emotional Fairy-Acrylic on Canvas-SOLD

Disappointed Fairy-Acrylic on Canvas-SOLD

Queen of the Fireflies-Acrylic on Canvas-SOLD

Aye-Aye-Acrylic on Canvas

Jumping Spider-Acrylic on Canvas-SOLD

Monkey Cafe-Acrylic on Canvas-SOLD